Sharia Umrah and Hajj Travel Insurance

This program provides protection to Participants during Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage to the holy land against risk that can interfere with or hinder the continuity of worship according to the guarantee in the policy.

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Individual Auto Sharia Insurance

We understand the exposure of many harmful risks during your travel on the road. It is best to protect your vehicle against every possibility.

In our daily life, vehicle has become an inseparable part that cannot be easily replaced, yet prone to risk of accidents and crimes occurring in the streets. That is why we provide a comprehensive auto protection solution for your needs.

This program is aimed to protect the object of Individual Auto Sharia Insurance from a vehicle damage/loss and/or Participant’s liability against a Third Party according to the Individual Auto Sharia Insurance Policy.

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Individual Personal Accident Sharia Insurance

With years of experience in providing personal accident protection, Chubb Syariah presents you with a thorough solution from the accidents that could occur anytime and anywhere.

Accidents is not only something we try to avoid, it could add more weight to your financial wellbeing. We provide innovative and flexible products tailored to meet your demands of protection against accidental incidents. With us, a complete protection is yours, bringing you peace of mind.

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Property Sharia Insurance (Residential)

A home means more than just a building you and your family own. A home is where memories are kept and hopes are built. We protect all that.

Understanding how valuable a home for your family is, Chubb Syariah offer a Sharia insurance which provides comprehensive protection covering the property, interior, machinery, and the stocks stored inside your house.

Available insurance policies are:

  • Indonesian Fire Sharia Insurance Standard Policy

  • Property All Risk Sharia Insurance Policy

  • Earthquake Sharia Insurance Policy

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