1. Reporting the claim not later than 5x24 hours since the damage occurred. The claim report could be made through phone or by visiting PT Asuransi Chubb Syariah Indonesia (“Chubb Syariah”) offices, or mailed to the following addresses: 

    1. Chubb Syariah Head Office: Gedung Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange Building) Tower II, 10th Floor, Suite 1001
      Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia.
    2. Hotline Claims Service Head Office (24 Hours): (62) 889 266 4444 or (62) 811 869 2751.  
    3. Email: [email protected].
    4. Your nearest Chubb Syariah Branch Offices and Marketing Offices.
  2. For claim report made through the phone, please immediately send a written report including any possible third party claim or lawsuit.

  3. If it is still possible to drive the car, it should be taken straight to one of our auto repair workshop partners. We advise choosing the nearest repair workshop to your home/office.

  4. Chubb Syariah’s surveyor will contact you to make further arrangement regarding the time and place of survey.

  5. You are not justified to repair or replace any parts related to your car or a third party’s damage before any written decision is issued by Chubb Syariah.

  6. Fill the claim form, complete the required documents as well as the chronology of the incident.

  7. A letter of authorization signed by the Participant is required if the claimant is not the registered Participant.

  8. Providing exact and detailed information of the damage caused by the incident.

  9. A police report is required in the event of a lost or stolen car.

  10. Provide the following documents required to support the claim:

Partial Loss Claim

  1. Claim form.

  2. A copy of the Insurance Policy.

  3. A copy of the Driver’s driving license and Participant’s ID card.

  4. A copy of a vehicle registration (STNK) of the damaged car.

  5. Police report if the damage is caused by crime.

  6. In an event causing loss or damage to a third party, the following documents will be required:

  • Third Party’s lawsuit letter of compensation for the damage.

  • Third Party’s statement letter for not possessing an insurance coverage.

  • A police report regarding the incident.

  • A copy of the Third Party’s driver license and vehicle registration (STNK).

  • A clear picture of the damaged Third Party’s car.

  • Other documents relevant to the Third Party.

Total Loss Claim

  1. Original document of the Insurance Policy.

  2. Original document of vehicle ownership (BPKP), vehicle registration (STNK), and invoice (faktur).

  3. 2 (two) pieces of car keys.

  4. A copy of the Participant’s ID card.

  5. A copy of the Driver’s driving license.

  6. 2 (two) empty receipt of payment and 1 (one) other copy duly stamped.

  7. Original police report document.

  8. Necessary documents required by the law for diplomatic or international institution cars.

  9. Original car inspection checklist book for vehicles required to perform a vehicle inspection.

  10. Police investigation report (BAP).

  11. Statement of the Investigation Chief from the Regional Police Department (KadisSerse Polda).

  12. Statement of the vehicle registration blockage from the Regional Police Department (Polda).

  13. Letter of Subrogation/transfer of car ownership.

Constructive Total Loss Claim

  1. Original document of the Insurance Policy.

  2. Supporting documents as required in the above Total Loss Claim, except point 10, 11, and 12.

  3. Letter of repair cost estimation from the auto repair workshop.

A Police Report is Required for the Following Claims:

  1. Loss Claim as a result of theft, including vehicle loss or standard/non-standard car accessories.

  2. If involving a Third Party.

  3. Damage/loss defined as a Malicious Damage.

  4. If a vehicle suffers total loss as a result of an accident.

*) The coverage applied will be as per stated on your Sharia Auto Insurance Policy.